D-Link Central Wi-Fi Manager



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Meet the Central WiFiManager

Wireless Controller Software designed to provided comprehensive Access Point management for demanding business environment and multi-site installations.
Install, Administer
and Manage

D-Link’s free Central WiFiManager is a web-based wireless Access Point management tool, enabling you to create and manage multi-site, multi-tenancy wireless networks. Whether deployed on local computer or hosted in the cloud, Central WiFiManager intergrates into any network or business.

Scalable, Flexible, Centralized AP Management
Manage up to 500 APs from a central location, regardless of geography.


Easy To Use

Configuration and management
are easy using the simple and intuitive
User Interface.

Built For Business
Central WifiManager is built with enterprise-level features such as bandwidth optimization, captive portal and Radio Frequency optimization to help satisfy the needs of any business.

One key feature of Central WiFIManager is the ability for radios to self-heal and provide coverage if an AP ever goes offline.
Remote Access Made Easy
Using a web browser, manage your wireless network, anytime, anywhere using a PC, tablet or phone. Save time and effort by remotely upgrading device configuration and firmware.

Hotspot and Guest Portal Login
Track and control user access to your network including guests. A simple customizable Guest Portal provides authentication and Hotspot capabilities enabling Central WiFiManager to run as an external portal server. Create dedicated user accounts or wireless access voucher-codes to commercialize your wireless investment..



























D-Link® Central WiFiManager software controller helps network administrators streamline their wireless access point (AP) management workflow. Central WiFiManager is an innovative approach to the more traditional hardware-based multiple access point management system. It uses a centralized server to both remotely manage and monitor wireless APs on a network. Whether deployed on a local computer or hosted on a public cloud service, Central WiFiManager can be easily integrated into existing networks in conjunction with supporting D-Link wireless APs, to help eliminate existing bottlenecks for wireless traffic.