Chassis Switch


Description Of:
Switches on the basis of the chassis DGS-6600 series are intelligent, high-performance, multi-level devices for local and regional networks. This series of switches is the ideal solution in situations where continuous operation of network applications and a high level of performance, security and management.
Due to the flexible modular architecture and industry-standard, these switches make it easy to implement scaling network, being thus a good investment for businesses.
Switches DGS-6600 series are equipped with high-speed switch fabric, advanced software functions, including support for IPv6.These switches provide high-performance, fault tolerance, and are ideal not only to solve the current problems, but also the actual tasks in the near future.
High availability
DGS-6608 is equipped with 2 slots for control modules. Each control module is equipped with its own switch fabric, as well as software and can be used for redundancy, load balancing and control problems. Thanks to 4/8 redundant power supply operates as a load, and the possibility of replacing the fan module in the "hot mode», DGS-6604/8 has high availability and is ideal for mission-critical network applications.
• Chassis with 4 slots
• 1 slot for the Control Unit
• 3 slots for user-selected modules
• Up to 4 slots for redundant power supplies for 3 + 1 scheme
• The possibility of replacing the fan module and dust filter
• Switching matrix 576 Gbit / s
Versatile modular design
DGS-6600 series includes two models:
DGS-6604 - a chassis with 4 slots, three of which are used to set the user-selected modules. In addition, there are four slots for redundant power supplies, and one slot for replaceable fan module.
DGS-6608 - a chassis with 8 slots. Two slots are used to install control modules with the possibility of reservation, and the rest - for the selected user modules. In addition, there are 8 slots for redundant power supplies, and one slot for replaceable fan module.
This modular architecture allows scaling the network by installing additional modules that can be easily replaced at any time, depending on the requirements.
Using the DGS-6600 switch as a level of aggregation
Through the use of a set of modules with ports 10/100 / 1000BASE-T, PoE, SFP, and 10-Gigabit trunk ports, IT-staff can install a free slot module with different types of ports and use the device as a switch-level aggregation (ie. e. distribution), which provides a high density of ports for connecting a large number of jobs in the office or on the Metro Ethernet networks with a high density of subscriber equipment.
High performance
The switch uses a distributed switch, where each line unit (unit with a port for connecting directly to the network nodes) defines a path for each packet transmission. Switches synchronize information on switching and routing between managers and line modules to identify the fastest data transmission path. Through the use of the linear module performs switching L2 / 3/4 regardless of the control modules, switches DGS-6600 series perform faster transfer packages without delay.
High port density
Installing a 4-slot chassis expansion modules, users can get up to 144 Gigabit ports or 48 ports of 10-Gigabit, and 8-slot - up to 288 Gigabit ports or 96 ports of 10-Gigabit. All modules can be replaced in "hot-swappable", without having to change settings in the hardware or software. Using a 96-port 10GE, works on the principle of non-blocking architecture simplifies the transition to 10G backbone.
Convergence Applications
Switches DGS-6600 Series combines the advanced features of hardware and software, for example, traffic prioritization (QoS) and routing Multicast, thus providing, work in real-time applications such as Internet telephony, video conferencing, IP-CCTV and IPTV. In addition, these switches support PoE, providing a power supply and network connectivity to PoE devices such as IP-phones, wireless access points. Switches are an ideal solution for large-scale enterprises. An example of the convergence of applications is the use of mobile VoIP-applications via wireless access points connected to a switch DGS-6600 series.
Redundant power supplies AC and DC can not be used together. Redundant DC power supplies do not support PoE functionality, ie, PoE modules will work as usual modules.
Support for IPv6
Switches DGS-6600 series are fully compatible with networks on the basis of IPv6. The Network
Internet is constantly growing due to the increasing number of applications that use the Internet, including wireless devices, a variety of equipment for home and office, vehicles connected to the Internet, integrated telephony services, as well as in connection with the growing demand for computing and gaming area. Using IPv6 addressing simplifies the mechanisms used to provide comprehensive network security devices. IPv6 support is particularly relevant for applications and services that require a large amount of IP-addresses.
Integrated Safety
Series Switches DGS-6600 provides protection not only against unauthorized user access, but also prevents the penetration of viruses and "worms." Access protection by using access control lists ACL, Port Security features and IP-MAC-Port Binding.Advanced security features provide protection against malicious attacks disguised as control protocols and can cause overloading of the central processing unit (SPU) and a decrease in performance. DGS-6600 Series increases security of network management, providing authentication and encryption of traffic management protocols using SSH v2 and SNMP v3.
MPLS functions
Switches DGS-6600 series support functions MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), providing intelligent building next-generation networks and provides a wide range of advanced services within the existing infrastructure. Support for MPLS allows corporate customers to use services such as point-to-point VPN, VPWS (VLL) and point-to-multi-point VPN, VPLS. This solution can be easily integrated into any existing infrastructure, for example, IP, Frame Relay, ATM or Ethernet. Subscriber traffic arriving on multiple channels can be aggregated in a boundary segment MPLS, without changing the current settings of the access switches so as MPLS does not depend on the technology used in the access layer.
Traffic Management for Triple Play services
DGS-6600 Series provides a set of multi-level functions of QoS / CoS, including bandwidth management based on the flow and protection from the broadcast / multicast / unicast storm to ensure that critical network services such as VoIP, video conferencing, IPTV and IP- surveillance are served with proper priority. Bandwidth control provides guaranteed bandwidth for data services in the case of high network load. With the support of multicast Layer 2 Switch DGS-6600 implements IPTV-processing applications.
Technology D-Link Green
D-Link is a leader in the development of innovative energy-saving technology that does not sacrifice performance or functionality. Switches DGS-6600 series support the technology D-Link Green, which allows the use of power-saving mode, Smart Fan and PoE on schedule. The power saving feature automatically powers down ports. Smart Fan feature automatically turns on the built-in fans at a certain temperature, providing continuous, reliable and eco-friendly operation of the switch. The use of PoE on schedule allows the switch to receive information on the activity of a specific port at a given time, and if necessary to automatically disconnect inactive port.