HD PoE Network Camera

DCS-3511 *(This product has been discontinued)

High-resolution video monitoring
Built-megapixel sensor produces snapshots and video quality with resolution up to 720p, providing high-definition video capture with all the details. Functions ePTZ provide digital zoom in / zoom out the video, and pan the image obtained from the camera.Thus, it is easy to monitor a large area. Support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows you to install the camera in locations where power outlets are not available.
Support for multiple video streams
To increase bandwidth efficiency and increase the image quality camera DCS-3511 uses the simultaneous streaming of video formats MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264. In addition, the camera can organize multicast data streams and provide access to video on demand.  
Complete solution for conducting surveillance
Camera DCS-3511 is a complete solution for surveillance, providing snapshots and record video to MicroSD-card, eliminating the need to use a computer or network storage device. To enhance the video surveillance package includes free software D-ViewCam, designed to control the 32 cameras with a wide range of functions, such as viewing the images from multiple cameras at the same time and send to e-mail notifications of suspicious events or emergency situations.