DVX-8030 supports 1-4 port PRI (E1 or T1)/CAS/R2 module supports the D-link DVX-8010 internal E-main card . It supports 100% electronic operation (no relays) based on solid-state electronics, and TBR4-rated surge protection. Voltages and currents (supplied by the e-main control module): Logic 3.3 VDC @ up to 0.3 amp

The module includes 8 RJ45 ports to support up to 4 PRI lines. Each port has a separate NT and TE connector to allow seamless operation without requiring jumper settings.

Each port has two LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes):
Solid green indicates that the port is configured as TE.
Solid yellow indicates that the port is configured as NT.
Two fast green (or yellow) blinks indicates that E1/T1 layer 1 is active.
One green (or yellow) blink indicates that ISDN PRI/R2 layer 2 is active
and that there is some Layer 2 message exchange. However, it doesnot necessarily mean that the Layer 2 connection has been established.