Features Description
DCS-3430 is equipped with 2 digital input ports for sensors or alarms, 1 digital output port for an alarm, 1 power output port for an LED illuminator and a BNC connector which provides both analog and digital interface video transmissions. An RS-485 port is also included for external pan/tilt devices. Additionally, the 12 V interface provides power for an optional LED illuminator. A built-in Infrared Cut Removable (ICR) filter in the DCS-3430 allows the camera to capture images in both good light and low light conditions by switching the infrared cut filter. Additional items such as an auto-iris lens, IR LED lens or a night vision illuminator can be added to the DCS-3430. The DCS-3430 can be placed anywhere on the network either through a wired Ethernet or wireless 802.11 b/g/n connection. You can also instantly take snapshots while remotely viewing the video feeds from a Web browser.

A live feed from the camera can be accessed on a 3G mobile network by using a compatible mobile phone or PDA with a 3G video player. Anywhere within the 3GPP service area, users have a flexible and convenient way to remotely monitor a home or office in real time. Built-in with IR Cut Filter which can be manually applied via web GUI, or set to automatically adjust based on lighting conditions. This feature enables the camera to capture crisp color images during the daytime, and grayscale images in low-light.

To maximize bandwidth efficiency and improve image quality, DCS-3430 provides real-time video compression in MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 formats. Furthermore, the DCS-3430 supports four separate profiles simultaneously and is capable of recording in MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 compression with VGA/QVGA/QQVGA resolution for a smooth performance. This kind of versatility enables the use of a wide variety of security applications, whether it’s keeping an eye on your home during lunch through a 3G enabled PDA, managing an organized directory of recorded video files on a Network Attached Storage (NAS), device/SD card, or fine-tuning a security system in real-time over the local network.