Gigabit PoE Injector


Set DKT-200 includes a passive Power over Ethernet injector and one power adapter 48 V / 0.5 A. The device DKT-200 is designed to provide operating power and gigabit bandwidth CCTV cameras and LAN-enabled devices technology PoE, such as access points, cameras, routers. This kit allows you to transfer the power cable Ethernet, eliminating the need to install network devices near a power outlet. Thus, DKT-200 is the perfect solution for connecting a switch that does not support Power over Ethernet, with a remote device that supports this technology.

Convenient installation

Network administrators can use the DKT-200 for the installation of cameras and LAN-PoE-enabled devices in remote places such as roofs or ceilings, near which the power outlet, as a rule, are absent. Power Support 48 VDC input and output ensures compatibility for most devices, and Plug and Play technology allows you to install DKT-200 without adjustment. Thus, administrators have the freedom of placement network devices in places where their work will be most effective, rather than have these devices at points with limited access to a power outlet, or use an intricate system of cables.
Gigabit data rate
Keep your network in accordance with the requirements of tomorrow thanks to support gigabit data rates, allowing network devices to work with the greatest potential. Due to the growing popularity of megapixel IP-cameras, support gigabit bandwidth provides a smooth streaming high definition video, resulting in a highly detailed image. DKT-200 allows you to transfer and power and data over a distance of up to 100m over standard Ethernet cable without compromising performance.
Ease of Installation
Installing the DKT-200 is straightforward, its implementation does not require tools or software. The compact size of the device makes installation easy. Network administrators can simply plug the injector into a power outlet, then connect the network switch and the network device to another location, using a standard cable Ethernet. Power and data will be transmitted on the cable, which will utilize the functionality of PoE technology in remote locations. When the connection is completed, up to 24 watts of power can be supplied to any device that supports PoE, requires a supply voltage of 48 V, such as access points, IP-cameras and routers. *
* Maximum output voltage - 48 V (24 W).