L2+ Unified Wired/Wireless Gigabit Switches

DWS-3024 *(This product has been discontinued)

D-Link’s DWS-3024/3024L/3026 L2+ Unified Wired/ Wireless Gigabit Switches are optimized for wireless network deployment in business environments. With these devices, business can install high-performance, secure, manageable and scalable unified wired/wireless LAN switching. Equipped with combo SFP, open slots for optional 10-Gigabit connection1, Power over Ethernet and redundant power supply (RPS) support, these switches provide enterprises with easy upgrade to next-generation 802.11n wireless LAN, simple deployment of wireless devices regardless of physical locations, and centralized management/policy enforcement of wireless mobility.

Core Units Controlling Entire Wireless Network

The DWS-3024/3024L/3026 switches are the core units that consolidate the security, manage the bandwidth and maintain the intelligence of an entire wireless network. In addition to monitoring users’ identities and maintaining their authentication as they roam, these switches can configure and control all aspects of the wireless access points, including their RF channel/power management, wireless traffic segmentation, AP roaming/AP load balancing, rouge AP detection, and AP access security.

Designed for Easy Deployment of High-Performance Wireless LAN

Designed for distributed deployments in the wiring closet, each switch can support up to 24 or 48 wireless access points. AP connection can be directly to the wireless APs switch ports, or indirectly through any LAN switch. With 802.3af PoE integrated into every port, the switch allows connected APs to be located at places difficult to access from AC power sources. Gigabit transmission future-proof hardware protects investments when the network is installed with next-generation higher-speed 802.11n wireless standard devices.

24 Gigabit Ports, No Restriction on Port Usage

Each switch provides 24 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit ports and 4 combo SFP slots. Each of the 10/100/1000BASE-T ports can connect to a wireless access point, or to a wired LAN device,such as a server, a network storage device, or simply another LAN switch. The combo SFP allows for flexible fiber connection, while optional 10-Gigabit modules1 enable bottleneck-free switch-to-switch cascading or attachment to a high-speed fiber backbone.

Scalable Expansion & Unified Wired/Wireless Deployment.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMB) may begin with only one switch to manage their AP or to use for mixed wired/wireless LAN purposes. When the number of AP is augmented, up to 4 switches can be added to form a large mobility domain. With easy expansion, Gigabit speed to support next-generation high-speed AP, and packet routing to support enterprise-wide inter-subnet roaming, the switch provides an architecture that unifies and simplifies an otherwise complex WLAN environment, readily prepares an existing network for future technology upgrades.

RF & Power Management

To minimize network IT personnel’s intervention, the switch provides automatic selection of unoccupied or least-used Radio Frequency (RF) channels for each wireless access point to avoid interference with other AP and RF devices. For each AP, it also sets a transmitter output power strong enough for RF signals to reach wireless clients yet weak enough to minimize interference with other wireless devices’ RF signals. The switch auto-adjusts the RF channels and transmitter output power of all wireless access points every time when an AP is added to or removed from the network.This automatic adjustment can be programmed to take effect at a certain time or time intervals, minimizing the need for network administrators to manually intervene.