DES-8503E Chassis (including 1 fan tray, 2 power supply slots, 1 control module slot and 2 service slots)


D-Link’s DES-8500E Series of chassis-based Switches are intelligent and high-performance multi-layer LAN devices designed for enterprise campus and metropolitan area networks (MAN). They are ideal for deployment in environments where minimal or zero downtime of network applications, superior performance, security and control are required. The DES-8500E Series switches feature minimum or zero network downtime, robust security and real-time running of bandwidth-intensive applications. Equipped with high-speed switching fabrics, redundant backup/load sharing capability and advanced software functions including complete IPv6 support, these switches provide the performance, high availability and future-proof architecture suitable for applications of not just today but well into the future. The Green Technology in DES-8500E Series contributes to in-depth energy saving, environment protection and effective decrease in Operations Administration and Maintenance (OAM). The DES-8500E Series offers have three models: DES-8503E, DES-8506E and DES-8510E supports end-to-end connectivity and granular application control to meet different scales in a network.

Enterprise Core or Distribution Switch

IT personnel can fit a DES-8500E switch with different port types and deploy it either as an Enterprise/ISP core switch or Telecom aggregation (i.e.distribution) switch. The DES-8500E deployed as enterprise core switch provides numerous high-speed fiber backbones for a campus and central office network, while the DES-8500E deployed as aggregation switch can provide high port density connections.

Application Convergence

The DES-8500E combines high-speed hardware with software functions like prioritized traffic QoS and multicast routing to deliver the performance suitable for real-time applications such as VOIP, IPTV/multi-terminal HD video monitoring and HD video conferencing.


High Performance

The DES-8510E 10-slot switch provides switching capacity up to 3840Gbps and a system performance of up to 1440Mpps. The DES-8506E 6-slot switch provides switching capacity up to 1920Gbps and system performance of up to 720Mpps. The DES-8503E 3-slot switch provides switching capacity up to 960Gbps and system performance of up to 360Mpps. To make use of this high-performance hardware, these switches utilize a distributed switching method which has each line card (the port module that directly connects to the networknodes) intelligently determine the switch path for each data packet.

Enterprise -Wide Security

The DES-8500E Series provides not only network access security but also protection against virus and worm attacks. Access security is provided through comprehensive policy based ACL, port security, and IP-MAC-Port binding features. Attacks hidden behind control protocols are thwarted to prevent the switch’s CPU from being overwhelmed with unnecessary tasks which can cause degradation to a network’s performance. The DES-8500E Series extends security to network management via such functions as SSH v2 and SN MP v3 with authentication and encryption of management traffic.

MPLS Functions

DES-8500E supports many advanced Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) functions, including MPLS label management, LDP, MPLS L2/L3 VPN, enabling enterprises and service providers to build next-generation intelligent networks that deliver a wide variety of advanced, value added services over a single infrastructure. This solution can be integrated seamlessly over any existing infrastructure, such as IP, Frame Relay, ATM, or Ethernet. Subscribers with differing access links can be aggregated on an MPLS edge without changing their current environments, as MPLS is independent of access technologies.

Virtual Switch System (VSS)

DES-8500E switches support Virtual Switch System, a technology that can virtualize multiple physical devices into a logical device, to obtain much better performance, reliability, flexibility and management than independent physical devices. The virtualization can make full use of every link between physical devices, avoid STP from blocking links and protect the existing link investment to perfection. The

advanced distributive processing technology and the efficient link aggregation beyond physical equipment realize the separation of logical control plane, service control plane and service data plane, provide continuous L3 routing forwarding to stop a single-point trouble from causing service interruption.

The 10G line cards of DES-8500E can extend the distance of VSS to 80KM, flexible and convenient which breaks distance limits of traditional cluster. The whole virtualization system realizes the uniform management of single IP, simplifies the management of network devices and network topology, improves the network operation efficiency and reduces the operation and maintenance cost.

Complete IPv6 Support

The DES-8500E Series provides complete support for IPv6 to accommodate the potential huge increase in a number of users and geographical needs of the expanding Internet. It addresses the requirements of emerging applications such as Internet-enabled wireless devices, home and industrial appliances, Internet-connected transportation, integrated telephony services, sensor networks, distributed computing, and gaming. The use of globally unique IPv6 addresses simplifies the mechanisms used for reachability and end-to-end security for network devices that are crucial to the applications and services that are driving the demand for IP addresses.

Innovative Green Design

The adoption of Green Technology idea limits the maximum power consumption of whole machine to 1000W, which is energy saving and environmental friendly. Smart power supply management has the unique power supply monitoring mechanism low startup, intelligent adjustment and in-depth energy-saving. The Intelligent fan management system supports automatic speed regulation, independent partition control, reducing the rotation speed, lowering noise and extending the fan life span effectively. The support of energy-efficient Ethernet and the compliance of IEEE802.3az cuts down energy consumption efficiently.

Hitless Protection System HPS

The DES-8500E Series adopts the HPS (Hitless Protection System). The key components of the DES-8500E Series such as the power system and the fan system support redundancy design. All system modules support hot-swap and seamless switching without need of manual intervention.