Day and Night PoE Outdoor Camera

DCS-7510 *(This product has been discontinued)

DCS-7510 is equipped with a varifocal 9 - 22 mm lens that allows you to manually change the focal length. You will get a wider field of view with a shorter focal length, whereas a longer focal length narrows the field of view and allows you to zoom in further. The focus and zoom controls are located on the outside of the camera case for easy adjustment. This camera also has an auto-iris that automatically adjusts the exposure according to lighting conditions for optimum picture quality. For easy installation in high places, the cameras comes with built-in 802.3af compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE), giving users the freedom to place the camera anywhere by eliminating the need for a nearby power outlet. A live feed from the camera can be accessed on a 3G mobile network by using a compatible mobile phone or PDA with a 3G video player. Users have a flexible and convenient way to remotely monitor a home or office in real time from anywhere within their 3GPP service area. The cameras are housed in an IP66 certified weatherproof casing which protects against rain and dust. An adjustable top shield guards the camera sensor from direct sunlight while providing ventilation. The wire-in-bracket design assembles tightly to protect the cables not only from outdoor wear and tear, but also from criminal acts such as intentional cable cutting. The bundled D-ViewCam software allows you to manage and record videos to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device such as the D-Link DNS-323. Alternatively, you can record videos to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) such as the D-Link DNS-722-4 or DNS-726-4.