Full HD Day & Night Fixed Dome Network Camera

DCS-6116 (this product has been discontinued)

Full HD Surveillance

The DCS-6116 delivers Full HD 16:9 widescreen IP video surveillance which provides vivid highquality video, making it easier to view and monitor footage. With the free-bundled D-ViewCam 32-channel recording software, the DCS-6116 provides a complete solution for high-quality live viewing and reliable recording. The camera also has a built-in microSD card slot which can be used for local backup by storing important events on an easily retrievable microSD card.

Multiple Video Streams

The DCS-6116 supports simultaneous streaming of H.264 and MJPEG video to provide both high-quality and bandwidth- efficient compression formats. H.264 produces a small file size, making it useful for extended recording with high detail or for use in low bandwidth networks. MJPEG delivers excellent file integrity, ideal for situations which require extensive image detail. Additionally, the DCS-6116 supports multicast H.264 streaming, allowing users to view the camera feed by subscribing to a multicast IP address on the network.

Flexible Connectivity

The DCS-6116 incorporates Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing it to be easily installed in a variety of locations without the need for supplemental power cabling.