Wireless N 2.4 Ghz Unified Access Point


The DWL-2600AP Unified N Single-band PoE Access Point is an indoor 802.11n Wi-Fi access point designed specifically for deployment in business environments. Highly manageable and capable of blazing speeds, the DWL-2600AP integrates seamlessly into existing network infrastructure and can be easily scaled up to meet future demands.

Self-Configuring Cluster

For small businesses that need to deploy multiple APs but lack the resources to tackle the complicated task of network management, the DWL-2600AP’s self-configuring cluster feature offers the ideal solution. When a small number of DWL-2600APs are deployed on the network, they may be configured to form a self-configuring cluster. Once the administrator is through with configuring one access point, the same configuration can then be applied to all remaining APs. Up to 8 APs may be used to form a cluster.

Unified Management

When deployed in conjunction with D-Link’s line of Unified Wireless Switches, up to 256 DWL-2600AP units may be centrally managed and provisioned, enabling the administrator to expand the Wi-Fi network to cover a large area.


The DWL-2600AP supports all the latest in Wi-Fi security, including WPA and WPA2. In addition, the DWL-2600AP supports up to 16 SSIDs, which allows the administrator to assign different access privileges to different groups of users.