mydlink Network Video Recorder


DNR-322L is a standalone wired Network Video Recorder (NVR) which supports multi-channel network cameras with M-JPEG,MPEG4 or H.264 recording with 2 high-speed 3.5-inch SATA hard disks for long time recording.
Trustworthy Surveillance

  •  Reliable network camera surveillance recorder for home and business
  •  Record video from up to 9 network cameras to network storage (HDD is not included)
  •  View real-time video of all 9 cameras from anywhere in your home or office, or remotely via the Internet
  •  Allows concurrent viewing and recording

Convenient Interface

  •  Effortless network camera setup and management
  •  User-friendly interface provides simultaneous live view, recording and playback
  •  Continuous or scheduled recording with automatic overwrite function
  • Reliable backup and power failure recovery functions

Precision Technology

  •  Green solution: Consumes less power and eliminates the need for a dedicated PC for continuous recording
  • Live monitoring includes full-screen, snapshot and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) control
  •  Precision playback with step/ fast forward/rewind and video enhancement
  •  Export video as AVI or ASF with timestamp
  • Calendar search and video preview before playback

Easy Setup and Configuration

  •  Empowered by Mydlink technology that can be easily setup for internet access via IE browser
  •  Directly connectable to the Internet (PPoE) without the need to install a remote router
  •  Supports PPPoE, DHCP and Static IP assignment
  •  2-bay SATA 3.5” HDD interface
  •  RAID 0/1 and JBOD support

Dependable Data Security

  •  Protects important surveillance files with automatic backups to mirrored hard drives using RAID 1 technology
  •  USB connection to UPS possible for power failure notification

Flexible and Scalable

  •  Stand-alone device: Eliminates the need for a dedicated PC