Celebrating a "Passion to Innovate"

D-Link celebrates 30 years in June, 2016. Our story is defined by networking, vision, and a Passion to Innovate, which are reflected
in our anniversary logo.

The numbers “3” and “0” join together like two links in a chain, representing networking. The roundness of the 3 and 0 double as
two binocular-eyes, signifying vision. Finally, the elegant font complements the thick-set letters of the corporate logo, signaling
our Passion to Innovate and our focus on style.

Our name comes from our ability to bring people -- and the things that are important to them -- together. We started life as Datex Systems,
a combination of the words “data” and “exchange,” but our name quickly became D-Link. “D” stands for “Datex,” our roots, and “Link” focuses
on our core business: the network.

D-Link’s Mandarin name means “friends networking together,” which is reflected in our mission statement: Building Networks for People.

Where it started
In the early 1980s, most home PCs were Atari, Commodore, and IBM computers that were big and heavy, largely because of the bulky components inside them. The technology connecting people, the networking card, was typically 11 inches wide – almost as big as a notebook today. No one had the know-how to change this until a small manufacturer from Taiwan came along. D-Link optimized the size of the networking adapter, while economizing on price. This affordability and the increased functionality of computers made them more useful to thousands of people. In turn, this helped accelerate a global PC revolution.

Before history happens, it’s hard to know which side you’ll be on. Luckily, at D-Link’s helm was 36-year-old Mr Ken Kao, who broke the mold. At the time, his bold vision was rare. His dream was to build a proud Taiwanese brand that created products branded under its own name, rather than start another OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). That was 30 years ago. Mr Kao’s vision paid off, and after the first ground-breaking “DN-001” network adapter, his company went on to create many affordable, high-quality hubs and switches. Today, D-Link is an international household brand with a reputation for high-quality, integrated, all-in-one networking services.

The D-Link Spirit: Passion to Innovate
Mr Kao’s heritage of innovation and insight lives on at D-Link. Under future chairmen and including our current Chairman Roger Kao, we are playing to the strengths of our heritage, anticipating future trends and meeting customer needs. We were one of the first technology companies to emphasize software-developed Cloud services. We were the first networking company to invest in a dedicated Cloud platform team that eventually made way for Cloud Routers, Cloud Cameras, the mydlink app and the mydlink Home app for Connected Home. We were the first to enter the 11AC market. We were the first networking company to deliver a Wi-Fi baby camera. We created the first battery-powered mobile 11AC router. And we launched the first 180-degree Wide Eye home surveillance camera to see more than the human eye at a glance.

Today’s D-Link has transformed from a family company to a globally-diverse, billion-dollar enterprise able to leverage its strong local expertise and develop localized products, which gives us a critical advantage across world markets.

Who we serve
Across the world, we are helping millions of people in their daily lives. Every day, in some 100 countries, we power hospital networks so that life-saving operations can be carried out. We connect vast knowledge centers in the heart of universities and research institutes, enabling critical scientific breakthroughs. We help grow small family businesses through our Wi-Fi networking and camera surveillance products. And in millions of homes around the world, we help families enjoy rich, fast digital lifestyles, while maintaining peace of mind.

D-Link has grown from a group of seven friends in 1986 to more than 2,700 employees around the world. In March, we celebrate our heritage, our Passion to Innovate, and all the people we've helped connect in our 30 years. We’re looking forward to ringing in another 30 years of networking and growth.